FanConnect IPTV and RF Channel Wrapping

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– Industry leading solution for fan entertainment and digital marketing applications

– Ideally suited for main concourses, luxury suites, hospitality areas and other premium locations throughout sports and entertainment venues

– Plays on TV screens and monitors throughout the venue

  • Flexible content delivery options over existing infrastructure including coax connections (most economical), IPTV streams (wired or wireless) or combinations
  • Additional channels can be used for venue segmentation and premium branding
  • IPTV and end point pass through player options available to provide content wrapper regardless of channel selected

– Blends live video with personalized content for a unique fan experience

  • Numerous widgets make it incredibly easy to customize the look and feel of your fan / guest entertainment system
  • Sponsor advertisements and sponsored content
  • HD commercials and promo reels
  • Live game stats, social media, fan photos, fantasy stats and other interactive content

– Integrated with leading control room systems (Daktronics, Click Effects, ANC)

– Additional integrations available to suit individual needs

– Installed in nearly 60 venues, including 8 of the top 25 largest stadiums in the USA



  • Pre-built sponsorship inventory, including full-screen HD commercials blended with live game / event content
  • Rich set of library templates allow for quick and easy customization
  • Embed live video feed with graphic overlays on any channel
  • Schedule content to play at any time as well as repeating weekly, daily, etc
  • Full social media integration including Lookachu, Twitter, Instagram, etc

FanConnect IPTV and RF Channel Wrapping Demo for fan entertainment inside sports stadiums and arenas